Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dazed and confused in days of yore

He took pot, drank some, and flew in the face of Catholicism – Newsweek portrays Prime Minister Donald Tusk from a somewhat different perspective.

He experimented with marijuana, did not refuse a drink, grew up revolting against the Church – journalists from the Newsweek weekly uncover unknown facts from the life of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The weekly says that Polish mass media avoid going too deep into private lives of Polish politicians. Newsweek, on its part, decided to ask Tusk about everything – from family matters, including a crisis in his marriage at one point in the past, his attitude to religion as well as about alcohol and drugs. On the latter, he admits that in his youth he smoked marijuana grown by a friend and unlike former US president Clinton does not pretend that he did not inhale. All this and more can be read in a book about Donald Tusk, which will appear next week. This is not an interview with Tusk’s seal of approval, but a version of his life as seen by Newsweek journalists – and it’s not politically correct, the weekly says. It points out that Tusk’s popularity ratings remain high. Poles like his rule of love, based on opposition to what they were offered by his predecessors from the Law and Justice party. The premier is skillfully using the mass media to build his image of a popular politician and promote his aim which is to win presidency in two years from now, Newsweek comments.