Monday, May 12, 2008

Polish youngsters use cough syrup as learning aid

Cough syrup, asthma medicines and large amounts of energy drinks are being used by Polish exam taking students to boost their intellectual powers, writes Dziennik.

Medical experts warn that taking such substances can be highly addictive, lead to anxiety states, withdrawal symptoms, depression and suicide attempts.

According to the daily, the problem is starting to concern younger and younger kids.

Polish government’s plenipotentiary for fighting corruption, Julia Pitera, is preparing an amendment to anticorruption law, which broadens the list of people obliged to publish their property statements on the Internet, Gazeta Wyborcza writes.

If the new law is passed, the duty to make the property report public will be binding, among others, for heads of the Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK), the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), as well as heads of the Polish special services, including the Agency for Internal Security (ABW) and the Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA).

The largest satellite operator SES Astra is to introduce a new service in Poland, which is likely to reach the two million Polish homes that so far have remained outside the reception of the stationary Internet, Rzeczpospolita informs.

According to experts, Astra is likely to win some 200-300 clients in Poland, what will bring the company some 300 million zlotys a year.