Saturday, May 03, 2008

Suicide of Barbara Blida impossible to recreate from evidence

A report on the suicide of MP Barbara Blida, who shot herself after Internal Security agents entered her home to arrest her over corruption charges, has shown that in spite of the enormous amount of evidence gathered it is impossible to recreate the events which led to the death of the former government minister.

According to a commercial Polish television station, whose journalists reached the confidential report, it points out major faults and fundamental inconsistencies in the evidence. Among others, the evidence fails to show in which hand Barbara Blida had held the gun she used to shoot herself, or where at that time was the agent assigned to accompany her.
Although more than 600 hours was devoted to collecting evidence, the material can serve for various interpretations and several scenarios.

The death of Social Democratic Left MP Barbara Blida is also being investigated by a special Commission of the Polish Parliament.