Sunday, May 18, 2008

No important achievements by government, says poll

The vast majority of Poles cannot name a single important achievement accomplished by Tusk’s government, a poll reveals.

As many as 79 pr cent of respondents of an opinion poll by pollster TNS OBOP believe the current government has not done anything significant since the election last autumn.

Four per cent said the image of Poland has improved recently, three per cent pointed to some improvement in the relations between Warsaw and Moscow, and the same percentage thought that the abolition of the radio and TV licence fees would be a major achievement. Two per cent are impressed at the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, writes Puls Biznesu.

Respondents were also asked to compare the current and former cabinets in respect of their effectiveness.

According to 30 per cent, the current government is doing well combating corruption, while 25 per cent say the opposite. In the opinion of 28 per cent of Poles, the construction of new roads in Poland has accelerated and 21 per cent are of a contrary opinion.

Forty three per cent could not see any difference between the current Civic Platform and the former Law and Justice governments in terms of their effectiveness.

Twenty four per cent responded that the current cabinet was less efficient in terms of the preparations for Euro 2008, while 21 per cent thought the same about the former government.

The opinion poll was conducted for TVP SA on a group of 1000 people over 15 years of age, on May 8-12.