Thursday, May 15, 2008

Potty Polish PM admits he ‘did inhale’

In an interview with the Polish version of Newsweek, Prime Minister Donald Tusk admits that in the 1980s he toked on a few spliffs. Cue predictable outrage from some opposition MPs.

In a long interview that delves into the past of Donald Tusk - which will be soon released as a small book - the prime minister talks about his time as a Solidarity activist and some of his experiences when he was banned by the communists from getting normal work.

Forced to take casual jobs as a painter and decorator and other manual work, he admits that he spent much of the time drinking cheap wine and on occasion smoking marijuana.

But the similarities with tales from that old perve Willy Clinton end when Tusk admits that he did inhale.

MPs from his own Civic Platform, like Julia Pitera, have praised Tusk for his honesty, for ‘breaking the conspiracy of silence’ about the issue of drug taking by politicians in their youth and that the statement ‘inspires trust’ among the electorate.

Predictably, however, members of the conservative Law and Justice party have jumped on the revelation in an attempt to gain a few points.

The outraged MP Beata Kempa said she wants a ‘sober and drug-free PM’ because senior politicians must have a spotless reputation. Kempa said that smoking wacky backy leads to ‘pathologies’ and causes ‘changes to the brain’ with symptoms such as failing memory things this’t quite remember.

But looking closer at Tusk, with his red tinged hair - and if you had smoked enough - then he could have a passing resemblance to a Camberwell Carrot.