Saturday, May 17, 2008

Polish companies two times more corrupt

According to Ernst&Young, the level of corruption in Polish companies is twice as high as in Western European countries.

A report by the consulting company stresses that Polish companies see corruption as a less important problem than companies from fully developed countries.

One in five companies in Poland came in contact with corruption, but only 16 percent of companies sees it as a serious threat for business.

In Western Europe, 25 percent of companies think corruption it as a serious problem.

As many as 12 percent of Polish companies claim that they lost contractors because the competition bribed them; 8 percent of companies in Western Europe expressed the same opinion and 17 percent of companies from developing countries (such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia).

One in four companies said that the level of detecting bribery in Poland has not changed during the last five years, but 54 percent of are convinced of the effectiveness of the police.

The research was conducted from 28 November 2007 to 15 February 2008; 1,186 representatives of management of the biggest corporations in 33 countries took part.