Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Polish health care system is breeding corruption and fraud

Wprost claims that the Polish health care system is breeding corruption and fraud. Doctors and hospital managers accuse the Health Care Fund of putting the cost of medical services at too low a level and giving them too little money while in reality they are cheating the fund to suck out more money from it. If we add to that notorious palm greasing, fraudulent use of hospital property for private needs and plain mismanagement, the bleak picture of the Polish health care sector would be complete. Wprost says that in 2008 Poles will spend almost 47 billion zlotys in health care contributions to maintain this ineffective system. This is almost one third more than two years ago. But politicians claim that this is not enough. Premier Donald Tusk wants to raise health care contributions and the same time the ruling Civic Platform has recently distanced itself from its own plans to privatise the health care sector, which it actually badly needs, says Wprost.