Saturday, March 06, 2010

Polish Panty Pilferer Placed in the Poky

From: NPE
A 28-year-old man was arrested by police in Ostrowiec this Sunday evening for stealing ten pairs of knickers in a string of separate incidents. Following the final theft, a pair that were hanging out to dry, the owner of the knickers alerted police, who were able to follow the man’s footprints through the snow which led them directly to him.

At the moment of his arrest the man was completely drunk, with 0.15 percent of blood in his alcohol. Nine of the pairs had been used by the man to decorate a nearby bus stop, the tenth polka-dotted pair were still stuffed in his coat pocket. The matter would probably have ended with a caution or a fine, but for the fact that the man also tried along the way to break into and steal two cars. As a result, the man now faces charges with a potential total of ten years in prison.

Smugglers held

In Sandomierz this Wednesday police arrested two men and a woman in possession of 1,600 packets of cigarettes and 13 litres of alcoholic spirits which had been smuggled into the country in two separate incidents. First, officers stopped a Polish man from Tarnobrzeg and a female Ukrainian citizen with 600 packs of cigarettes and the neat alcohol. Later, a resident of Lubaczow was stopped in a routine search and found with 1,000 packets of illicit cigarettes in his vehicle.