Friday, February 26, 2010

Hooligan girls beat friend, no one cares

From: NPE
Police in Gorzow reported on a hooligan incident in which four 15-year-old girls assaulted one of their colleagues in broad daylight outside one of the city’s largest shopping malls, and none of the passers by reacted.

The attack took place this Tuesday afternoon when the victim left school followed by two of her attackers, who had planned the whole incident. As their target got to the centre of town, they were joined by two friends of theirs from another school. In the nasty assault that followed outside the Askana mall, the girl was held by two girls while the other two took turns at kicking her and punching her in the face.

Slawomir Konieczny, Gorzow police’s press officer, told reporters from Gazeta Gorzow, “After all, this didn’t happen in the middle of a forest, but by the largest mall in town, on a busy street, 80m from the school. What would people have said if things had turned out any worse?” The case is being investigated by officers from Gorzow police’s new Division of Adolescent Pathology who are noting an increase in such attacks, specifically in attacks by young girls.