Thursday, February 25, 2010

Football hooligans arrested

From: NPE
Poznan police have arrested a large number of hooligans connected with organising pitched battles between supporters of various football teams, and at the same time have uncovered evidence of drug-dealing and organised crime.

Sixteen people were arrested in raids carried out by officers of the Central Investigative Office (CBS) following an investigation into the activities of a group of football hooligans, in particular two coordinated fights that took place between the supposed supporters of Lech Poznan and followers of teams from Lubin and Gdansk. Investigations lasting over two years revealed that at times the group took part in such fights day after day. In the raid police found film and photos from these battles, and a wide range of weapons, including machetes, axes, swords, various bludgeons and even a pistol.

Additionally some members of the group were charged with the sale of 90,000 ecstasy tablets and 20kg of marihuana. In total fifty people have been charged so far, some of whom face up to twelve years in prison.