Monday, February 15, 2010

Paedo returns to terrorise family

From: NPE
Locked for sexual abuse, paedophile vows to return
A mother and daughter are living in fear after a former paedophile, who sexually abused the daughter, has threatened to return to the town where they both live.

For the last two years, the ex-wife of convicted paedophile Slawomir M., and their abused child Marta have been trying to put the past behind them and move on in their lives, in the town of Mirsk.

But all of this may soon be in vain, as the pervert husband, who was released from prison after serving his sentence earlier this week, has vowed to return back.

Marta was one year-old when her mum and step-dad first met, but as she grew older her he began to abuse her.

According to evidence, this lasted for approximately two years.

“I'm afraid for my daughter. I do not want her to have to go through everything again” says Renata.

“He has constantly threatened us, even from behind bars. And now that he has been released, I know that he will come here to our house at some point.

“The other problem is that his whole family lives in the town and they have also threatened us. I’m afraid for us both, especially afraid for my daughter.”

But the police are aware of the situation and have already made preparations to combat any potential trouble.

“Authorities will go to the family and explain thorough instructions on what to do if an emergency arises,” says Marek Madeksza a police spokesman.