Friday, February 05, 2010

Scandal of Polish convict who raped girl after being allowed into the country

From: Daily Gazette
Slawomir Blasiak
A RAPIST should never have been allowed out of his native Poland to commit his brutal crime, the Gazette can reveal.

Slawomir Blasiak raped a 15-year-old girl after he found her contemplating suicide at a Colchester car park.

However, he should never have been allowed into the UK, as he was a convicted robber who was on the run from police.

The incident happened in May, 2008, and since then the 43-year-old Polish national, who was living in Sittang Close, Colchester, repeatedly denied the attack.

The court heard the girl, who had been staying in a children’s home, was going to cut her wrists and throw herself from a high wall onto a car park when Blasiak started talking to her. He then attacked her.

In court, his victim was forced to relive her ordeal via video link, being subjected to cross-examination by the defence lawyers.

Last month, a jury found him guilty of rape and four counts of sexual activity with a child.

Blasiak has now been given an indeterminate prison sentence for the public’s protection, meaning he will not be released until he is no longer a danger.

Even then, Blasiak will not be allowed to return to his home in Colchester, but will be deported.

Meanwhile, it has emerged Blasiak should never have been able to commit the crime. He was already a known violent offender, after spending time in prison in Poland for robbery.

He was released from prison early, and was on licence when he was due to stand trial for a second robbery in the country.

Instead, he fled, managing to pass through both Polish and UK border checks without his violent past being flagged up.

It was only after Blasiak was in custody in Colchester in connection with the rape, that detectives were told about the outstanding European Arrest Warrant against him.

Det Con Tim Harris, from Colchester CID, said: “It wasn’t until he was in custody and we started making inquiries with Interpol in Warsaw that we discovered his past.

“He also uses a number of aliases, which made it more difficult.”

Gail Adams, UK Border Agency regional director for the Midlands and East, said: “This was an appalling crime and my thoughts are with the victim.

“The UK Border Agency Watchlist contains certain details of overseas criminal convictions, only where this information has been made available by the individual’s country of origin.

“By the time Interpol advised the UK Border Agency of the arrest warrant for Blasiak – relating to a robbery in Poland – he was already in police custody in connection with the offence for which he has now been jailed.

“The UK Border Agency will seek to deport Blasiak upon completion of his sentence.”

Lindsey Read, manager of Colchester’s Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse, said it seemed the victim’s ordeal could have been avoided.

She said: “If the authorities in Poland had done their job properly, this man wouldn’t have been in the country, so could not have committed this rape. It is absolutely horrendous and heads should roll in Poland for that.”

Ms Read feels for the teenage victim of the horrific crime. She added: “He pleaded not guilty as well, which put her through an even more horrific ordeal.”