Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Man orders attack on pregnant fiancée

From: NPE
A woman and her unborn child survived a vicious attack from a thug hired by her boyfriend to beat her up in the town of Zgierz.

The events came about when 30-year old Arkadiusz K. persuaded his 19-year old cousin Robert K. to attack his fiancée, with the aim of getting rid of their unwanted pregnancy.

Whilst out, the couple’s car was ‘ambushed’ and Arkadiusz K. was told to drive. When he stopped at the chosen location, he was ordered outside and beaten, the Prosecutor’s Office heard.

The attacker then turned his attention to the woman, hitting her with force in the stomach, despite her pleas that she was pregnant.

After the ordeal, the couple went immediately to the Zgierz Provincial Hospital, where staff alerted the police.

Investigators found a number of inaccuracies in the story and were dubious that the attacker had left the woman’s phone and car keys at the scene. After some questioning, Arkadiusz K. admitted to orchestrating the whole event.

“It’s the opinion of experts that the beating could have resulted in an abortion,” said Krzysztof Kopania, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Lodz.

“We have to admit, we have never had a case like this before,” said one police source. “It turns out that human stupidity truly knows no boundaries.”

The woman is said to be in stable condition and not in danger of losing the baby.

If found guilty, the two men face up to eight years in prison.