Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two killed, 16 injured road accident in Poland

From: M&C
Two people were killed and 16 injured when a tanker collided with a bus in the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw, media reports said Tuesday.

The accident occurred on Monday night, when the tanker switched lanes and collided with an oncoming bus, police told the Polish Press Agency PAP. The two vehicles caught fire.

The bus was carrying passengers from Jelenia Gora to Warsaw.

Police said they found two bodies in the burned-out bus. Sixteen people, including the driver of the tanker, were taken to the hospital.

Harsh winter weather causes over 100 train cancellations in Poland

In a related story, Snow, ice and cold caused over 100 train cancellations in Poland, foreign media reported. Thick snow covers roads and rails. Especially harsh the condition is in the south of the country, where 114 flights had to be cancelled on Monday.