Saturday, January 16, 2010

Polish Prostitute Fined $820,000 For Evading Taxes

From: Huffington Post
A prostitute in Poland has been fined 2.3 million zlotys, or $820,000, for evading taxes, Reuters reports. The woman was technically unemployed but earned at least 13.7 million zlotys renting herself, thanks to "generous" customers.

Although prostitution is legal in Poland, organized activities like brothels or pimping are against the law. According to a State Department document, experts estimate that 18,000 to 20,000 women work as prostitutes in the county.

The woman told the tax office in the southern city of Katowice that she had very "generous" customers, the website, which is linked to leading Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, reported Tuesday.

One of her clients paid the woman 5 million zlotys during the 1997-2002 period, she was quoted as saying.

The website gave no further details.