Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ex-MP sent down for doing drugs

From: NPE
Former Civic Platform (PO) MP Cezary Atamanczuk has been sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of possession of drugs, driving under the influence and attempting to bribe policemen.
In addition to the custodial sentence, the former politician was given a PLN 10,000 fine by the Sczecin. court and will lose his driving licence for three years.

Atamanczuk was arrested in autumn last year for the possession of cannabis and driving his car whilst under the influence of the drug. He then tried to bribe the police officers that had detained him.

Initially, the prosecutor had intended to be lenient on Atamanczuk and hand him a four year suspended sentence and a two year driving ban. However, this was later increased by Judge Marek Dalidowicz, who felt that such a punishment was insufficient.

“There is no doubt that the accused committed these particular acts,” said Dalidowicz.

“There are no worse crimes for a public person to commit than the type that have been carried out here. Cezary Atamanczuk abused peoples’ trust.”

Atamanczuk was fired from PO and dismissed from his post as councillor.