Saturday, January 02, 2010

Top aid to PM Tusk commits suicide?

From: The News
Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery in Poland Grzegorz Michniewicz has committed suicide.

The official appears to have hung himself according to media reports. His body was found in his apartment earlier today.

The Government Information Centre has so far declined to comment. District Prosecutor's Office spokesman in Warsaw, Matthew Martyniuk, however, said the participation of a third party in the death cannot be ruled out.

Grzegorz Michniewicz, born in 1961, was general director of the PM’s Chancellery from January 2008, acting as commissioner for the protection of classified information and data administration. His responsibilities included securing classified and personal data.

Michniewicz was also a member of PKN Orlen supervisory board, Poland‘s oil giant.