Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Polish bishop apologizes for Holocaust interview

From: The News
Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek has apologized to the Italian Catholic web site for having accused it of misquoting him saying that the Holocaust was a “Jewish invention”.

“I was wrong to suggest that the interview which I gave to Mr. Bruno Volpe for [published on 25 January] was misquoted by him," wrote one of Poland’s most prominent religious figures. Bishop Pieronek explained that he accused the Italian journalist of having manipulated his remarks before actually checking the interview on

The Polish bishop admitted that in the interview for the Italian web site - which caused outrage among some in Israel and the wider Jewish community - he did say that the “Shoah was a Jewish invention,”and that his choice of words was very unfortunate. But they doe not represent his views on Holocaust, he said.

“What I meant was that the word “Shoah" was a Jewish invention used by a renowned American-Jewish writer and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Holocaust, a horrendous genocide, was, in fact, invented and carried out by the Nazi Germany," wrote the bishop.

Pieronek also apologized to “I apologize to Mr. Volpe and everyone who felt offended by my unintentionally misfortunate statement. I had no intention to falsify history or accuse anyone of ill will.”