Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sharp rise in Poland’s unemployment rate

From: The News
Jobless rate in Poland increased sharply last , reaching 12.8 percent in January, according to a preliminary report by the Labour Ministry.

The rate rose by 0.9 percent from December 2009 and is the highest since in Poland May 2007 when it reached 13 percent.

Labour Minister Jolanta Fedak thinks that the numbers are not too disturbing, however. "The rise in unemployment is seasonal. It's difficult to judge now [if the trend will remain]. We need to wait until the spring to find out," Fedak said.

Many economists are surprised at the sharp rise, however, expecting 12.5 percent.

Unemployment benefits have increased increased since the beginning of the year. Poles who register at the employment office can now receive 717 zloty (178 euro), which is 142 zloty (35 euro) more than last year.

Labour market analysts predict that the upcoming months will bring further unemployment growth.

The official data on unemployment from the Main Statistical Office are expected at the end of February.