Saturday, February 27, 2010

Polish Thugs Rampage

From: NPE
Police made thirteen arrests after Polish fans rioted in Prague before last Saturday’s 2-0 loss against the Czech Republic.

Thousands had made the journey south in the vain hope that Poland could produce a miracle and qualify for South Africa 2010, though second half goals from Tomas Necid and Jaroslav Plasil were enough to put a spoiler on Polish expectations. The atmosphere had already been soured by this point however, and tabloid predictions of crowd trouble proved correct as Polish thugs entered running battles with local cops.

Fireworks and flares were hurled as riot police struggled to contain the aggro, with Polish fans going some distance in cementing their growing reputation as Europe’s biggest morons. Czech police had mounted a two month security operation leading up to the game, with one insider claiming, ‘From a safety point of view, this is the most demanding match our team has seen in years’. Earlier in the year Polish fans hit headlines after rioting in Belfast during their game with Northern Ireland.