Friday, August 07, 2009

Two (more) officials detained in Polish soccer corruption probe

Polish police detained a top-level referee and an assistant Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption in domestic soccer.

The two were detained in the northeastern city of Suwalki. They were identified only as Cezary S. and Krzysztof G., in line with Poland's privacy law.

They were being driven to prosecutors in Wroclaw, where they would be questioned and charges could be filed, said Temistokles Brodowski, spokesman for the Central Anti-Corruption Office.

Wroclaw prosecutors began investigating soccer corruption in 2005. So far they have charged over 230 people suspected of fixing games. Among them are members of the Polish Football Federation, coaches, referees and players.

Earlier this year, a Wroclaw court handed prison terms of up to four years to 17 people, including club officials and referees in the largest corruption trial in Polish soccer history.

Footballers and referees interrogated on corruption charges

In a related story, Polskie Radio tells us that Rafal D., former football at the small RKS Radomsko football club has been detained by police in Lodz in connection with the on-going investigation into corruption in Polish football.

Rafal D. and two other football players from the same football club in south-central Poland, Bogdan J. and Radoslaw K., as well as the First Division referee Cezary S. and referee’s assistant Krzysztof G. will be interrogated later today.

Over 230 people – players, referees, officials and members of the Football Federation (PZPN) – have been charged so far for being involved in match fixing schemes since the investigation was launched four years ago.