Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dramatic situation of Polish police

Staff cuts and financial cutback will affect Polish police. There will be three thousand less police officers than previous year – informed RMF FM.

Staff cuts and financial cutback are connected with a project of the budget. According to this budget, Polish government decided to find savings in The Ministry of Interior and Administration. “It is hard to believe. We do need more officers to make our society absolutely save. This decision is like a bolt out of the blue. Everyone says that there are many vacancies in our police, because nobody wants to be a policeman. Today our government decided to end this problem. Less money means no new officers what means that our streets and safety will not be protected so effective” - said Janusz Lobuz form the police in Little Poland. “We will see it very soon, because there will not be enough policemen on our streets. It will also be more difficult to call the police because no one will be able to intervene” – added the policeman.