Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poles spend around zl.100 million on fake drugs, says WHO

Impotence medicines, anabolic supplements, diet pills, and psychoactive drugs are most often copied

Over recent years a great number of fake products have started seeping into the Polish market. Be they the latest fashion accessories, cigarettes or electronics. Now consumers have to be aware of yet another copycat product – medicine.

According the World Health Organization, quoted by daily Dziennik, Poles spend as much as zl.100 million on fake medicines every year.

The kinds of drugs that are most often copied are impotence medicines and anabolic supplements, diet pills, and psychoactive drugs.

According to the daily, despite the fact that many of the “fillers” in these drugs are safe placebos, inducing sugar, there are also some which list chemicals such as anti-freeze solutions and wood polish among their ingredients.