Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Londynczycy goes on a bender

Some of the crew and director of the TVP Londynczycy (Londoners) series have been arrested in Eastbourne, southeast England, for drunk and disorderly behavior.

Director Maciej Migas spent the night in a cell at the local police station. Assistant director Krzysztof Lukaszewicz and another crew member were detained as well. All three were released the following morning with a cautionary warning.

The arrests of the crew members of Londynczycy – a story of Polish migrants in London – brought filming of episodes of the second series to a temporary halt.

The controversial series has a 3 million pound budget and drew almost six million viewers when it premiered on TVP public television.

Writers of the show faced criticism after some viewers complained that storylines were full of negative stereotypes of Polish immigrant living in London – including frequent heavy drinking.

Despite the controversy, the show’s first season received an ‘Honourable Mention’ at the 2009 Hugo Television Awards in Chicago in April.