Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kiosk clerk fined for not issuing a receipt for photocopy

A kiosk clerk has been fined for not providing an invoice for a photocopy she made.

Ewa Stokowska told TVN24 that a man asked her to photocopy a student card. She took the money, but her boss had asked her not to issue a receipt since they had only had the machine a short time and did not know what code such a transaction should be filed under. They planned to issue a receipt for the copies at the end of the day.

The man returned a few minutes later and announced he was from the tax office and fined the woman zl.120. Stokowska refused to pay and was fined zl.500 by a ?ód? court.

The 22 percent VAT on the service would have amounted to zl.0.05.