Thursday, June 25, 2009

Polish police in crisis

Polish police started saving money. Police officers do not get their salaries on regular basis, despite it is guaranteed by the law. “We can not live this way. I got only 20 % of my regular salary” – said one officer. All officers promised that they would sue Polish state.

According to the special law about the police, every officer should be given money for paying his bills for house, commute to work and extra bonus connected with his holiday. “I used to get 120 PLN (27 euro) for my ticket, 170 PLN (37 euro) per person to pay for my flat and special subsidy for my holiday, what was around 250 PLN (58 euro) per person. Today I have absolutely nothing” – explained the policeman from Kielce.

Polish officers are irritated and sees to lose their patience. “My salary is 1800 PLN (418 euro) plus 400 PLN (93 euro) subsidy. It is a lot of money for me. I think that I will sue the state” – adds another policeman.

All cuts are connected with a new plans of Andrzej Trela who has announced that all subsidies would be postponed. Trade unions from every cities from Poland are collecting needed information about problems with salaries. “We will try to get our money back and start talking to our headquarter” – explained Maryla Bieniek who is a chairperson of a trade union in Swiltokszyskie province.