Friday, June 19, 2009

Polish smugglers swallowed 200 packets of cocaine in bid to fool customs

Two men swallowed 200 packages of cocaine in a bid to give border agency officers the slip at Belfast International Airport, a court has heard.

The pair, both Polish, thought they were smuggling cannabis after arriving on a flight from Amsterdam last August. But after they were taken to hospital for examination it was discovered the drugs were in fact small packages of cocaine, worth an estimated £500,000, Antrim Crown Court heard.

Adam Ruczaj (28) and Tomasz Ciulwik (29), were jailed for 10 years and four months for trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine each.

John Whiting, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, HM Revenue and Customs said the detention of the two men by UK Border Agency officers should be a warning to all criminals.

After the sentences were passed he said: “These men say they thought they were smuggling cannabis, but drug trafficking is a dangerous and murky business.

“Violence and corruption follows the illegal drugs trade, regardless of the type or quantities involved. Criminals dealing in illegal drugs are thinking solely of profit and show disregard for the damage drugs do to individuals.”