Thursday, June 11, 2009

Children’s book offends Jewish people

“One two three – every German person is stinky” or “Naked Jew came out of school so he is very poor” – these are examples of rhymes published in a book for children b a publishing house “Sonia Draga” from Katowice. The publisher wanted to show new and trendy rhymes for kids.

The book by Joanna Furgalilska titled “Entliczek, Polish rhymes” has just been published and promoted in Empik. This controversial publication which incensed many parents and teachers seems to be very controversial. According to experts this book is anti-Semitic, anti-German and anti-gypsy. Anna Kurczowska-Ossoli?ska wanted to by the book but fortunately she checked its content. Then she realized that the book contains prohibited information.

“I want to teach my sons how to be tolerating for other nations and different people. If I had given them this book they would have learnt many bad things. I am sure that this book should not be given to small children” – underlined Anna Kurczowska-Ossolilska.