Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Palikot sues for libel

Maverick MP Janusz Palikot has brought a libel action against the Dziennik daily for claiming that he received several million euro loans from anonymous companies.

Dziennik alleged that Janusz Palikot of the ruling Civic Platform concealed information about having received two million zloty loans from several off-shore companies, among them New Age Private Foundation from Curacao. Dziennik speculated that either Palikot is supported financially by a generous donor or he lends money to himself in a complicated process of giving-and-receiving loans.

Palikot is demanding a written apology from Axel Springer, Dziennik’s publisher, and 10 million zlotys (2,2 million euros) compensation, which he wants to donate to a hospice in the eastern city of Lublin.

The compensation is very high, as to date far no Polish court has ever ruled this amount of damages for infringement of personal interests.

Earlier this week Janusz Palikot brought a bill of indictment to the Warsaw-Mokotow District Court against the Dziennik journalists. If found guilty of libel, they may face up to two years in jail.