Monday, June 08, 2009

Poles on 100 most wanted criminals list

There are 5 Poles on a list of 100 criminals in Europe and USA . Unfortunately they are not afraid of being recognized on streets or reported to the Police by their neighbor. According to "Dziennik" a mess in legislation is to be blamed for this situation.

Most wanted Polish criminals do not have to flee abroad to feel safe. Police is afraid to publish their photos in Internet without court or states prosecutor's order.

Five Polish criminals listed in this top 100 are extremely dangerous. They are accused of murders, rapes and brutal robberies. All those criminal acts were committed in Poland, but then offenders fled abroad. The list of 100 most wanted men was published by "Crimestoppers"- a British non profit organization that publishes details of most dangerous criminals in cooperation with the Police. Apart from their photos and names information such as committed crime details and even descriptions of tattoos are given. All that is done to help catching them.