Monday, June 15, 2009

Drunken duo tried to run over Policemen with a tractor

Two patrolling Policemen form Swintokrzyskie province had an interesting and adventurous night. They noticed a tractor without number palates and wanted to stop it for a control. A driver did not stop and hit the Police car and he tried to do this again.

In the beginning a Policeman tried to stop a tractor by using a red light torch. A tractor did ignore this sign and crashed into a Police car and later tried to do it again on reverse gear. Later they started to escape. One of Policemen jumped on a tractor, but was pushed off by a passenger. A driver noticed the second Policeman and tried to run him over with his tractor.

That was too much. Police officers opened fire and hit rear tires three times. However that did not stop the tractor. It was stopped twenty minutes later, when Policemen got a back-up.

Both 37 years old driver and his 34 years old passenger turned out to be drunk. One had 3 pro miles alcohol in blood and the second one had two. They can spend up to 10 years behind bars as one of Policemen had to be taken to hospital