Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fatal choice of a young Polish hitch-hiker

23 years old citizen of Kalisz thought that luck was on his side, because he was able to find someone who could take him home in the middle of the night. Unfortunately he did not reach his house. The driver of the car was speeding 150 km/h and crashed into concrete wall. There were 6 people inside the car. Three of them are dead including unlucky hitch-hiker.

It was really tragic weekend due to many horrible car accidents. At least 18 people are dead. The worst accident occurred in Russów where five young people were coming back home from disco. However the car was speeding 150 km/h, the driver was able to see a hitch-hiker standing near the road. He decided to help him. 23 years old man set on back coach with three other people. As it turned out, he was not too lucky that night.

The driver lost control over the wheel and his Ford Escort crashed powerfully into a wall made of concrete. Three young passengers are dead, fourth stays in a hospital with serious injuries and the car is completely damaged.

20 years old driver came out of the accident unscathed. Despite of the fact that he was sober, the prosecutor’s office accused him of deliberate causing a fatal accident. He faces 8 years imprisonment sentence.