Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Polish gamer faces copyright suit in US

Krzysztof R. is amongst a group of eight people involved in a copyright case filed by the publishers of books based on the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons.

The group of eight people illegally disseminated the latest manual for the game published by Wizards of the Coast LLC. The publisher is demanding compensation for losses resulting from the violation of copyright laws.

Tolena Thorburn, spokesperson for the company, did not reveal the name of the city where the Pole is from. Thorburn stated, however, that Krzysztof R. is amongst eight people who distributed three of latest handbooks on the popular role-playing game on the internet. The books normally sell for 30 USD

Dungeons & Dragons is the first game of its type in the world: a role-playing fantasy game in which one plays a character in search of treasures. Around 20 million people play the game around the world.

Wizards of the Coast LLC filed a lawsuit against the Pole and seven others on the 6 April in Seattle, Washington, USA.