Friday, June 26, 2009

New anti-Semitic incidents in Poland

A synagogue in the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw was desecrated last weekend by unknown people who painted a swastika, the SS symbol as well as the inscription “Jude Raus” (Jews out).
The incident at The White Stork Synagogue ('Synagoga Pod Bialym Bocianem') was reported to the local police.
Similar graffiti were also found at a nearby Jewish Information Center which had already been targeted earlier this year by people who painted the words “Free Palestine” in English on the house.
Cleaning the graffiti will cost the Wroclaw municipality about 1500 euros (2080 dollars).
On Tuesday, an anti-Semitic inscription in Polish was also found on the entrance sign of the Gdansk-Chelm Jewish cemetery. The inscription translates to "Jews to the oven, for this is your place".

The Chelm cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Central Europe, dating back to 1694. It was recently renovated.