Saturday, June 27, 2009

Car parts for beer?

Two students from Szczecin, northern Poland, funded their life during their first year of studies by stealing and selling small parts from cars.

Szczecin residents noticed two young men stealing the signs off of a Ford Focus and telephoned for the police, who caught up with them on a near-by street. Police found aluminum screw from automobile rims and other parts not only from the Ford Focus, but from other cars as well.

Twenty-year old Artur D. and 21-year old Pawel J. were roommates in the dormitory and first-year students at a Szczecin university. Police found over 150 small auto parts in the boys room, including: antennas, mirrors, symbols and rims.

After searching the students’ computers, it was determined that Artur D. and Pawel J. were selling the parts on internet auctions and making enough income to support themselves for several months.

Investigators are now searching for victims of the many crimes the students completed in Szczecin and in the neighbouring cities of Koszalin and Swidwin. Both young men admitted to their crimes, submitted testimonies, remain in police custody and face up to five years in prison.