Monday, August 03, 2009

Polish football league ranked 77th

Polish football league has been ranked 77th among 100 leagues by International Federation of Football History & Statistics – IFFHS.

The Polish Ekstraklasa has been ranked lower than leagues of such countries as Uzbekistan, Angola, Chile, Belarus or Hungary. This shows a sad reality that our football, with no training specialist, corrupt referees and hooligans at many stadiums has also adjusted its sport value to those negative phenomena.

However not all people see it this way. A spokesperson for Ekstraklasa drian Skubis said: “It is a great mistake to compare leagues from different continents. For example in Uzbekistan there is one club that wins everything in domestic league and cups for years now. For this reason this club is ranked higher than any other Polish club, which has to compete at a higher level with many equal rivals. For this reason this ranking does not make sense.”

There might be a pinch of truth in that as all Polish clubs are desperate to play in Ekstraklasa, because of the prestige and money. However the uprising defeat of Wisla Cracow by the Eastland Champions yesterday shows a painful truth. Polish league football is in a crisis that was not ever seen before and if nothing changes the situation can be even worse.