Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Poland, Symbols of the Third Reich are not illegal

“Polish penalty code does not forbid to sell or produce symbols of the Third Reich” – said prosecutor – Jan Przystupa from Wroclaw.

According to investigators form The Internal Security Agency in Wroclaw it is not illegal to produce and sell things symbolizing the Third Reich. In 2005 the agency found out that one of jeweller’s workshops was producing replicas of Hitlerian orders, decorations and signet rings with skulls. These commodities were ordered by a German citizen who assured that he was a collector.

As it turned out, all replicas were sold through a German Internet website, working on Polish server. It is not allowed to sell similar goods in Germany. In Poland they will go unpunished. Also the biggest Polish Internet portal “Allegro” decided to ban all people who describes their items with words connected with totalitarianism. On the other hand they cannot forbid to sell those thinks because of Polish law.