Monday, August 10, 2009

Nasza Klasa loses lawsuit, to pay fine

The popular Polish social networking website has lost a lawsuit and will be required to pay 5,000 zloty (1,200 euro) damages for allowing a fictional profile of a Polish man to exist.

Joanna Gajewska, press spokesperson from the website, claims that the company does not agree with the decision of the Wroclaw District courts but will not release an official statement until receives the written decision.

According to the court order, the company will be required to pay the fine, court fees and provide an official apology to the man who found his false profile on the networking site in March 2008. The person who impersonated the man and set up a profile used the site to send hurtful emails to other users of the portal. The information found on the profile was accurate, including name, surname, age, telephone number and photographs.

The man took to court when, after several attempts for a few months to contact the company, site administrators did not remove the false profile. According to the court, the man’s public image and character were damaged. The 5,000 zloty fine mandated by the court is only ten percent of the sum demanded by the man. This is the first success in such a case in Poland.