Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poles continue to lose faith of brighter future

More than half of Poles think that Poland is heading in the wrong direction, says a new opinion poll.

According to the newest opinion poll by the TNS OBOP research centre, 52 percent of Poles are pessimistic about Poland's situation, while 34 percent are optimistic.

Pessimists are growing in number – from 50 to 52 percent from July - and optimists are in retreat - a fall from 36 to 34 percent. The number of respondents with no opinion on the matter remained constant (14 percent).

Significantly more Poles (61 percent) are convinced that the Polish economy is developing (compared to 59 percent in July), but only six percent think that the development is dynamic, while 55 percent see it as sluggish.

Despite a relatively booming economy, one third of respondents think that Poland's economy is ‘in crisis’; 27 percent thought of it’s condition ‘serious’.

The poll shows that more than one in three respondents (34 percent) expect that their financial situation will improve within the next three years, while almost the same amount (33 percent) expect that living conditions in Poland will not change during that period. A little less, 28 percent, think that their life style will take a turn for the worse.

The poll was conducted on 7-11 August 2008, on a representative group of 1005 citizens of Poland over 15 years of age.