Monday, August 18, 2008

Twins separated at birth sue state in Poland

Two families are demanding compensation from the state treasury in Warsaw after twins were separated at birth by hospital staff 20 years ago and two children given to the wrong parents.

Kasia and Nina were born in December 1983 in a Warsaw hospital. But due to a mix up during bathing time, another baby, Edyta was mistaken by nurses at the Medical Academy for Nina and given back to the twins parents along with Kasia.

For 16 years the two families lives unaware that they had the wrong babies. Edyta believed she had a twin sister, and Nina was happy in the belief that she was an only child.

It was only in 2000 that the mistake was uncovered and the two twins were reunited once again.

Both families are suing the state for separating the families. But scientists are interested in the very rare occurrence of two twins being separated at birth and could give psychologists vital new understanding of the development of humans and the influence of both nature and nurture on our personalities, intelligence and other related issues.