Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drunken fools...

Roll On

A road worker building a new roundabout in the western town of Wschowa may have set a new standard for drunk driving when he was arrested with 15 times the legal blood alcohol level while driving a heavy road roller. The police were alerted by local residents, who saw the machine moving about erratically. When detained, the driver had trouble standing up straight.

Car Streaking

In a related story, Police in the northern town of Izbica Kujawska on Monday stopped a driver who not only had 10 times the legal blood alcohol level but was also completely naked. The witness who reported the incident to the authorities attempted to stop the naturist driver, but the 35-year-old reacted aggressively, knocking out his windshield with a rock. He started running away, but was quickly apprehended by officers who had by that time arrived on the scene.

Plastic Manhood

And in one final drunk story, A 41-year-old Olsztyn native was fined 150 zlotys after he was caught showing off a plastic penis to the passengers of a Warsaw-Krak?w train last week. The perpetrator had to sober up before being presented with the fine. He could offer no logical explanation for his actions.