Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer vodka advertising craze

Vodka producers are splashing out on advertising campaigns in an attempt to dramatically boost sales in the summer season.

The biggest vodka producing companies in the country are spending even several million zlotys more on their summer campaigns than at other times throughout the year.

"In the summer the fight for consumers is all about the resorts,” says Grzegorz Chojnacki, president of Nemiroff Polska, the distributor of the Ukrainian Nemiroff Vodka.

The strategy for most Polish vodka producers is to constantly mark their presence in places that draw most tourists, especially at the seaside. One vodka manufacturer paid around one million zlotys (300,000 euros) for being the sole drink caterer in several clubs at the Polish seaside.

The crucial problem that vodka producers are facing in the summer is that there is a tendency for Poles to be drinking more beer when the temperatures rise considerably and vodka sales are approximately 20 percent lower than in the other months of the year.