Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Mail removes anti-Polish content

The Federation of Poles in Great Britain has won a battle with British Daily Mail which has removed “offensive” stories.

The British tabloid Daily Mail has given in to the pressure applied to the newspaper by the Federation of Poles in Great Britain and removed from its website the content that the Polish community on the British Isles regarded as offensive, informs the Radio Information Agency (IAR).

The Polish organisation mainly criticised Daily Mail for publishing texts about Polish economic immigrants in the UK. According to members of the Federation, the tabloid’s publications provoked negative feelings and animosity towards Poles living and working in Britain.

The daily had rejected the accusations for a long time and continued to voice negative opinions about the Polish community in Britain.

But as a result of a complaint filed in March by the Federation of Poles with a British committee specialising in investigating content published in printed media, a round of negotiations was held and Daily Mail gave in to the Federation’s demands.

In today’s issue the tabloid printed a letter from the Federation’s Spokesman, Wiktor Moszczysnki stressing the significant contribution that Poles have made to both the Polish and British economies.

“There have been hundreds of cases of hate crime against Poles in this country recorded in the last 2 years, some leading to death or permanent injury, and we would not want these incidents to be encouraged by potentially inflammatory newspaper stories or headlines”, reads the letter.

The Federation of Poles was established in 1946, when the British Government formally withdrew recognition of the Polish Government in Exile formed after the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939.