Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wroclaw corruption and Blackjack Affair link

From: The News
RZECZPOSPOLITA informs of a top secret investigation into corruption of public sector officials in Lower Silesia.

May sound nothing out of the ordinary, but a list of names which are allegedly involved in the affair include some of the key witnesses in the ongoing Blackjack Scandal. One of them is Mr. Ryszard Sobiesiak, an influential businessman and casino owner who is one of the main suspects in the gambling scandal. RZECZPOSPOLITA writes that the enquiry has been run by the Organised Crime Prosecution Office in Krakow since October 2009, precisely when the Blackjack Scandal surfaced. Prosecutors are refraining from giving any comment, but it has been confirmed that members of the Blackjack Commission have been informed of the findings, which may be crucial to the whole affair, reports RZECZPOSPOLITA.