Monday, December 07, 2009

Polish Member of Parliament with a verdict of guilty

Wanda Lyzwinska
An appellate court in Radom sentenced Wanda ?y?wi?ska to 1.5 year imprisonment in suspension for 5 years. Former Member of Parliament got the punishment for forging documents connected with an election campaign in 2001 – informs Polish Press Agency.

The decision of the court in Radom is final and binding. Besides this punishment, the woman has to pay 5 thousand zloty fine (1.2 thousand euro) while the decision will be announced in Polish media. What is more Lyzwinska will cover all cost of the trial what means – 6 thousand zloty (1.5 thousand euro).

According to prosecutor’s office, Lyzwinska forged several declarations about candidatures to Polish Parliament and several vetting declarations in Radom district. Six people said that they had never signed similar declaration. One person explained that she had found out about her candidacy two months after election. An expert witness has investigated carefully Lyzwinska’s writing and clearly stated that at least documents were forged by irresponsible Member of Parliament.