Saturday, December 05, 2009

Polish goalkeeper created many scandals in Denmark

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Well known Polish goalkeeper – Arkadiusz Onyszko who plays for Danish club Midtjylland has published his own biography. Today almost everyone wants to lynch controversial Pole.

Onyszko’s biography titled – “Fucking Polak” shocked whole country. Everyone, including politicians, journalists and football officials comment the book, but what is the worst, almost everyone is angry because of Onyszko.

The goalkeeper wrote – “I hate gays. I do not tolerate when two men take their hands and kiss on the street. I think that it is disgusting so I strongly support Polish president – Lech Kaczynski whose point of view seems to be the same”. What is more, Onyszko writes that Danish people are double-faced. “When Danish artist published caricatures of Mahomet what insulted all Arabian world, everything was ok. Even the Prime Minister defended him. But when Polish citizen expresses his own point of view everything is wrong. I want to ask Danish politicians: where were you when supporters of Brondby were shouting “You are fuc...g Pole”, “Everybody fu...ked your mother” or “Your wife is a”.