Friday, December 04, 2009

Stephen Fry summoned to Polish embassy to explain his Nazi slur

From: Telegraph
Bashed by Poland for telling the truth, Stephen Fry attacked Poles for their role in the Holocaust
Stephen Fry has been summoned to the Polish embassy in London on Monday to provide the ambassador with an explanation of his offensive comments last month about about Auschwitz.

"Yes, he is having lunch at the embassy," confirms a spokesman for the Polish ambassador, Barbara Tuge-Erecinska. "This meeting is connected to Mr Fry's remarks on Channel 4. They will discuss a range of issues. He was invited to attend with his partner [Daniel Cohen], but we are not sure whether he will be attending alone."

In a debate about the Conservatives' links with Poland's Law and Justice party, Fry appeared to accuse Polish Catholics of being complicit in the Final Solution . "Remember which side of the border Auschwitz was on," he said.

At the time he made the comments, the Polish embassy said: "To suggest, even indirectly, that the Polish people, and Poland as a country, are in some way collectively responsible for the [Auschwitz] death camp, which became the symbol of the horrors of the Holocaust, is completely wrong and frankly – defamatory."

Fry’s policy positions on other issues have brought him as many brickbats as bouquets. Of the MPs’ expenses scandal, he decreed “it’s not that important” and urged the world’s media to back off.

He has, however, 832,430 followers on Twitter, the online social-networking service, which is almost as many as Sarah Brown.