Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Polish treasury is accumulating bad debt

From: WBJ
The liabilities of unreliable investors towards the State Treasury presently amount to zl.1.3 billion.

The figure has nearly doubled since 2007.

According to data presented to Rzeczpospolita, the list of the largest debtors was comprised of 228 companies at the end of September. The first ten companies on the list have not changed since the last verification in April 2007.

"In the case that an investor is not fulfilling its obligations, we send him a payment summons. If it does not make the payment, we ask the court for an execution title enabling us to vindicate the outstanding amount," said Maciej Wiewiór, spokesperson of the Treasury Ministry.

Plenty of the liabilities can already be written off as debtors are in financial difficulties, others went bankrupt and some cases in the courts are already outdated. Debtors are mostly smaller companies with Polish capital.