Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Voodoo made me impotent”

From: NPE
A shaman who had an affair with a married woman has put a curse on her husband leaving him impotent.

Distraught hubby Janusz Rekawa (57) from Minsk Mazowiecki in eastern Poland says he discovered his wife Urszula had began an affair with the voodoo man whilst she was holidaying at a spa.

“She was going there quite a lot and talking about this amazing man, so I decided to go down and see what was going on,” said Rekawa.

When he arrived in the southern village of Rymanow-Zdroj his worst fears were realised. “I sat opposite him and I looked into his eyes. He admitted to the affair and then started talking a load of nonsense and I realised I was going to get no real sense about what had happened from him, so I decided to leave and go and talk to my wife, who was back home by then.”

But as Rekawa was leaving, the modern-day sorcerer came running out after him.

“The shaman began to tear up grass and threw it at my car. He was screaming at me in an incomprehensible language. I thought he’d lost it so I got out of there fast.”

On the way home Rekawa says he began to feel ill and that he was losing strength. For a long time after, he found it difficult to work and says he felt physically drained.

But he adds he had no idea how powerful the magic man was. “It turns out that he not only took my strength but also my manhood. He put a curse on me and has made me impotent.

“I have been to exorcists, but they say they cannot help me. I used to be full of vigour and lust but now I’m like an empty can of soup.”