Sunday, December 06, 2009

Scandal in Polish police

According to TVN TV some female employees of the Police Headquarter in Warsaw were sexually harassed what made them leaving the police. Two journalists of popular Polish programme – “Uwaga” investigated this horrible crime.

“The worst were our meetings during my shifts. It was horrible when he touched me with his privates and licked his lips” – explained female police officer from Interior Department of the Police Headquarter. The woman accused his supervisor – Marcin G. with mobbing and sexual harassment.

Marcin G. started working several years ago and got promotions very fast. As a high-ranked officer, he was moved to the Police Headquarter in Warsaw. “He came to my office and offered me a private meeting. He said he it would be helpful for my career” – explained the officer. She tried to refuse but she was helpless. What is more, the officer was sent many perverted messages, including pictures of man’s privates. But the worst were her individual meetings during the shift. Marcin G. tried to touch her and say perverted things.

The woman decided to inform other supervisors but they ignored her. But fortunately she got help from police trade unions, which gave her a lawyer. Today, this case is being investigated by prosecutor’s office in Mokotów District while the woman decided to sue Marcin G.